I Started to Think About Christmas

Of course one of the big things that I am thinking about is that I am going to get a nice bonus from the company and that I want to find something good to use it on. I am going to go ahead and pay off my car loan for one thing, since that will give me a lot of extra money each month. Then I am thinking about looking at the Cyber Monday TV deals 2017, because I am going to finally finish up my man cave project. That is something I started to think about on the day that I first started looking at the house I bought. It is a split level house with a completely unfinished basement. Jill and I did not need the extra room, but the price and the location of the house was great. She put on her rollerblades and went skating down there one day, since it was raining outdoors. Right now the only thing down there is an old TV set and a couple of second hand exercise machines. We have this enormous treadmill and a stationary bike.

My idea is to get a pool table and a big screen TV set, but there are all sorts of things that you can do if you have a big enough budget. We have looked at the price of some nice theater seats, but that is not something which seems like it is going to be a priority. I was looking at how much it would cost me to get a couple of old arcade games, like the ones that I would play when I was a kid. That also seems like a lot of money from what I can tell, and I assume that they would be old and hard to keep running.