A Single Pearl Choker for Me

I am typically not the type of person to see someone wear something nice and want it for myself. This is especially true when I see something that a celebrity is wearing. All of that flew out the window though when I saw my favorite singer wearing a pearl choker. While hers had multiple pearls on it that were surely the real deal, I wanted just a single pearl choker that did not cost me an arm and a leg to have. I went online and did a search for affordable single pearl chokers and found a website that sells all kinds of chokers.

The really amazing thing is that I was able to find these gorgeous necklaces at much lower prices than I ever expected. I was able to find one that my favorite singer had been wearing, or one very similar to it at least, but it was just not my style. I am more of a simple expressions type of person, so I just wanted a single pearl to be on the choker or chain that I knew I was going to buy. That didn’t stop me from looking at all the ones available though!

I finally decided that I was going to get the gold chain that had a choker with a very small pendant. There was also a second chain that has a small pendant on it, and it is just perfect for me. It looks very elegant, and I knew that it would look good on me. Not only have several of my friends given me nice compliments on it, but they have also asked where I got it from because they wanted to look there themselves. I still don’t like to follow other people as far as style goes, but sometimes you just got to give in!